Florida United Methodist Annual Conference Youth delegation

One of the best things about being part of The United Methodist Church is the fact that everyone, once they join, has equal say in the business of our church! Youth who are attending the Annual Conference  will be speaking for and representing the thousands of youth that our conference ministers with, it is vitally important that we hear YOUR voice at this gathering.
The youth members to Annual Conference are required this year to sleep and take their meals inside of the Buena Vista Palace, the cost of which is $120 for lodging and 2 meals (youth must bring money for the other meals.) We are asking youth members to arrive on Wednesday June 7th by 3 p.m. for pre-conference orientation and to check-in to our rooms. Youth members will not be allowed to leave the hotel (unless on an official youth delegation outing!) until the event is over. We are also asking that youth who drive to Annual Conference leave their car parked throughout the AC 2017 event. This is for your protection and for your enjoyment! The way to get the most out of this experience is to devote completely to it! No worries, though, we will be having fun throughout the whole event! 

Here are the links to some very important documents.  Make sure you have the waiver, medication form, and the conduct agreement filled out and sent in by the deadline.  

 2017 Retreat Waiver for AC 2017