Learning Opportunities

I, along with our Conference Youth Ministry Table, hope to bring to your attention different opportunities to learn and grow as a person or in your ministry.  We host a few events of our own, but there are also a lot of quality events around the country that offer great teaching and experience.  The following is one of those experiences.  If you would like to attend, make sure you let others know. Maybe a few people from Florida could travel together to this event. 

Engaging, reflective, and theologically substantive, the 2015 Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry will focus on the role of the Holy Spirit in youth ministry. The Brothers of Taize will lead worship in Princeton University Chapel, and an exciting cast of leaders will give lectures and offer classes. Renew your energy for ministry as you create vocational friendships, stretch your imagination, and give Sabbath to your soul. Learn more and register at iym.ptsem.edu.

Blog — Florida United Methodist Youth Ministry

As we launch this new platform for information, training, and connection, I pray that we can help each of you in your ministry.  Our Conference Youth Ministry Table works really hard to address the needs of youth workers in our conference.  We are in prayer for you, your ministry, and the church.  We hope to post blogs that are relevant to your needs.  We also want to encourage each of you to engage in a youth worker network in your region.  It is our belief that ministry cannot and should not be done alone.  Together we can learn from each other, share with each other, and lift each other up through the challenges that youth ministry and life produce.

Joel Pancoast