A New Retreat for 9th-10th Graders
"Facing the Pressures of High School"

High school is different than middle school and this year you have experienced that through different pressures. Come and explore what being a child of God means for the next stage of your life. 

Our Belong retreat is intended to be a resource for high school youth groups to explore their faith during this developmentally sensitive time.  We are providing professional teaching and  instruction along with relevant worship and a lot of fun. 

Register Your Group beginning in February 2017.
We ask that your group bring 1 adult for every 6 youth per gender.

May 5-7, 2017
Cost:  $85 per person
Retreat Location:  Warren Willis Camp
Retreat Sample Schedule
Retreat Leadership from our 2016 retreat.

Retreat Waiver needed for all youth and adults attending.  

Main points we want to hit during the weekend:

  1. High School Pressure (sex: church vs. culture, drugs, alcohol, pornography)
  2. When it comes to self-identity and personal choices made in high school, “Church says it’s wrong but culture says its ok’ – There are different interpretations of scripture and we all need to be ok with where people land.
  3. Teen Identity (low self-esteem, different types of people around you, loving everyone for who they know to be, every person is made in the Image of God, Accepting others and themselves)
  4. Sex Isn’t Dirty!  The over sexualized culture that we live in, intimacy is what we desire – What is age appropriate intimacy, how to date, what to do with their physical and sexual desires at their age and stage of life, and what does scripture say? Reconciliation – Can I have a Do-Over?
  5. The Goal for our students… Gods desire for their lives and how to live that out

Retreat sponsored by the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church Youth Ministry Table.